Narrows Pony Club member challenges!

At narrows, we have many opportunities for members to try new things, improve their fitness, serve their community, and generally become bett

Members who participate in the challenges can win great year-end awards, represent the club for national and Regional competitiions and scholarships, and promote the values of Pony Club!

Challenges for 2018 (check back because if we get great ideas we'll add more!

Fitness Challenge: Fit riders are more effective, less prone to injury, and more secure in the saddle. the fitness challenge program combines, strength, stamina and flexibility components. If you are ready to test for a challenge, let Summer know and she will arrange a time for a mounted or an unmounted test assessment.

Volunteer Challenge: Service is an important part of Pony Club values. Log your volunteer hours here to compete for year end wards!

Conservation Challenge: Pony club recongnizes that we wouldn't be able to do many fo the things we enjoy with horses if we didn't have access to public and private lands. As part of our commitment to conservation, narrows has conservation projevct opportunities available in 2018 for members. Read about some here, but if you have ideas for a project you'd like to do, either on your own or with other members, let Summer know!

Research Projects: Narrows members are encouraged to enter the annulaPony Club Research project awards at the National Sympiosium in 2019. This year, we will be checking ott eh 2018 entries, andbringing back lots of ideas. narrows members can present hteir projects to other narrow smembersm take them to other clubs to share, or of coure enter the National Reaserch project Fair. If you have ideas for a research project that you'd like to do, let Summer know!

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